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Fort Polk, Louisiana


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Fort Polk, Louisiana

Fort Polk family housing

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All active duty service member with accompanying family members assigned to an installation within 35 miles of Fort Polk are eligible for Privatized Family Housing at Fort Polk. For new move-ins, on the date of occupancy, military members must have a minimum of six months remaining on their current duty assignment. The phone number for Picerne Military Housing is (337)537.5000.

All military personnel, including bachelors, seeking to reside off post, must process through Housing before making arrangements to rent, lease, or buy in the civilian community.

The Residential Community Iniative Office also manages the two and three bedroom Junior Non-Commissioned Officers Housing in 801 Leased Housing Area. These are homes leased by the Army at Timber Ridge and Sycamore Point located about two miles off-post. The RCI office also manages a limited number of two-bedroom homes for Senior Bachelors in the grades E7-E9, Warrant Officers, and Officers.

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