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Fort Polk, Louisiana


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Location/Driving Directions
Fort Polk, Louisiana
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Fort Polk is located in west-central Louisiana, about 45 miles from Alexandria, 70 miles from Lake Charles, 120 miles from Shreveport, 150 miles from Baton Rouge, 250 from New Orleans, and 180 from Houston.

Entering Post from U.S. Highway 171

Enter through the Main Gate (Louisiana Ave) to the first (1st) red light (Mississippi Ave)turn right on Mississippi Ave, Bldg 1830 is the immediate left hand turn. (If you miss the driveway, turn left at the next street, 14th Street, and it will take you by Bldg 1830).

Entering Post from U.S. Highway 28

Turn left off of Hwy 28 onto Chaffee Road (approximately 2 miles to the Chaffee Road Checkpoint; approximately 2.5 miles Chaffee becomes Alabama Ave). Chaffee Road takes you through North Fort to South Fort. At South Fort, Chaffee Road turns into Alabama Avenue (One Way Street). Consolidated in and out Processing, Building 1830, is on the Corner of Alabama Avenue and Fourteenth (14th) Street.

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