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Pine Bluff Arsenal, Arkansas


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Location/Driving Directions
Pine Bluff Arsenal, Arkansas

Pine Bluff Arsenal (PBA )is located in Southeast Arkansas approximately 35 miles southeast of Little Rock and the Little Rock National Airport. PBA is bordered on the east by the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System and on the west by the Union Pacific Railroad and U.S. Highway 65. The city of Pine Bluff pocesses one of the busiest ports on the Arkansas River, and is the transportation hub for the regional railroads.

PBA is housed on 13,493 acres, with 665 buildings, 271 igloos and storage capacity of 2,090,563 square feetand more than 5,000 acres of developable land.

Directions to the installation from the Little Rock National Airport:

    Depart onto Airport Rd, Bear right onto Annie M Bankhead Dr/ Bankhead Dr., take ramp right onto I-440 West m take exit 138B, take ramp left for I-530 South toward Pine Bluff, take exit 32. Follow this road until you see the Plainview Gate. Just to the left of this gate will be a complex of buildings. Find the building marked Pass & ID. This is were you will get a badge to get you on post.

At this time, there is no base transportation on PBA and there is not taxi service from the airport. You will have to rent a car at the airport and drive a short 45 minute drive.

Gate access is restricted. You must have your ID card, driver's license, POV registration, and proof of POV Insurance.

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