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Pine Bluff Arsenal, Arkansas


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Pine Bluff Arsenal, Arkansas

Pine Bluff Arsenal Chance of Command ceremony

Photo courtesy U.S. Army; Photo Credit: Hugh Morgan
The Pine Bluff Arsenal, located in Southeast Arkansas, provides for the Department of Defense's peacetime and replenishment needs by providing the U.S. and Allied Forces with the necessary products and services that are mostly unavailable from other sources. PBA also provides specialized training and logistical support for the Department of Homeland Security and the American Red Cross.

PBA's Primary Missions include: conventional ammunition, chemical biological defense, engineering and technical support, mobile and powered system support, and base operations support to numerous tenant activities

Pine Bluff Arsenal is a small facility, but has strong community ties with it's population mostly DoD civilians.

PBA was established in November 1941 with its mission being the manufacturing of incendiary grenades and bombs for service in WWII. The mission expanded to manufacturing, loading, and storage of war gases, and the production and storage of pyrotechnic, riot control and white phosphorus munitions. Pine Bluff Arsenal-produced conventional munitions were used in World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam and Desert Storm

PBA entered the waste management and demilitarization service after the building of a unique multi-furnace incinerator complex in 1978. PBA was the first legal hazardous waste landfill in the U.S. Selected as the sole site for the Binary Chemical Munitions disposal of obsolete chemical agent BZ, disposal was initiated 1980, and continued for a decade. To this day, PBA is the second largest stateside storage site for the nation's Chemical Stockpile.

Official Pine Bluff Arsenal Website.

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