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Fort Myer, Virginia


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Medical Care
Fort Myer, Virginia

The Andrew Rader US Army Health Clinic

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Within the Fort myer community, Andrew Rader US Army Health Clinic provides routine primary care for all eligible beneficiaries. Patients must enroll with the clinic to receive treatment in one of the following care groups; Primary Care clinics or Pediatrics. In each group each patient is assigned to one physician for all routine care, such as health maintenance and minor complaints. Patients are referred out by their primary physician for more comprehensive care at any number of military hospitals in the area.

Specialty services available at the Andrew Rader US Army Health Clinic includes:

Physical Therapy
Adult Wellness Center
Physical Exams
Optometry (active duty only)
Audiology (Hearing Conservation)
Allergy and Immunization
Mental Health
Nutrition and Community health
Dental Care

Routine dental services are available for active duty personnel only. However, any eligible beneficiary may receive emergency treatment. The Active Duty Dental Plan is a comprehensive dental plan available to the spouses and children of active duty members of the seven uniformed services.

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