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Fort Myer, Virginia


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Child Care
Fort Myer, Virginia

Children at the Child Development Center, blew out the candles on a birthday cake baked for the U.S. Army's 233rd birthday with Secretary of the Army Pete Geren.

Photo courtesy U.S. Army; Photo Credit: C. Todd Lopez
Fort Myer Child Development Center is located at 102 Carpenter Road. It is a new and modern facility that serves more than 400 children. All active duty military and DoD civilian employees may enroll their children for services. The new CDC is the largest child care center in the Department of Defense. It combines multiple Child and Youth Services programs under one roof, making it more convenient for DoD employees and their children.

Childcare and pre-school is offered for children 6 weeks through 5 years of age at the CDC. These programs can include full-day, part day, or hourly care. However, hourly care is on a space available/emergency basis.

Central registration is done on site and is $18 for individuals. Childcare fees are based on total family income. To register, the sponsor must provide the following: proof of TB skin test for any child a year and older, proof of child's immunizations, names and phone numbers of at least one local emergency contact other than sponsor or spouse, a health assessment-due within 30 days of registration, Single and dual military parents must provide their family care plan information within 30 days of registration and a copy of sponsor and spouse's paystub or school transcript with proof of payment.

The Youth and School-Age Services programs may be used by youth and teens (6 to 18 years old). The Fort Myer Youth and School-Age programs are offered for youth and teens at the Youth and School-Age Services Center, Building 469, Fort Myer.

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