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Fort Myer, Virginia


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Fort Myer, Virginia

Guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetary

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The Fort Myer Military Community (FMMC) includes Fort Myer and Fort McNair. Fort Myer is located in Arlington, VA, next to the Arlington National Cemetery, adjacent to and west of Washington D.C.

The command's mission is three fold: First, to respond to crises, disasters or security requirements in the National Capital Region through implementation of various contingency plans.Second, to provide both base operations and a variety of specialized support to Army and other Defense Department organizations throughout the National Capital Region. Specialized support includes personal property shipping, nationwide fixed-wing airlift and operation of Arlington National Cemetery.Third, but most visible, to conduct official ceremonies, locally and worldwide, on behalf of the nation's civilian and military leaders.

The land Fort Myer sits on was confiscated from the Robert E. Lee estate during the Civil War. It's been an important Signal Corp's post, a showcase for Army cavalry, site of the first flight of an aircraft on a military installation and the first military air fatality. Fort Myer has been the home of the Army Chief of Staff for nearly a century and today is home for thousands of soldiers, sailors, and airman working throughout the Military District of Washington and the nation's capital.

Fort Lesley J. McNair, located at the point of the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers in Washington, D.C. has been an Army post for 200 years. The military reservation was established in 1791. Major Pierre C. L'Enfant included it in his plans for Washington as a major defense site for the city. An arsenal first occupied the site and defenses were built in 1794. Fort McNair is the home of several general and flag officers, and by tradition, the Army's number two officer, the Vice Chief of Staff.

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