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Presidio of Monterey, California


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Presidio of Monterey, California

La Mesa Village

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Housing in the Monterey area is among the most expensive in the country. Affordable off-post housing is limited. Rental properties in the Monterey Peninsula area range from $900 for an unfurnished one-bedroom apartment to $2,100 for a house. Most landlords do not accept pets, the ones that do normally charge between $100 and $250 in additional deposits, plus a monthly charge. There are two military housing areas available to personnel assigned to POM: The Parks at Monterey Bay located in La Mesa, and the Ord Military Community located on a portion of what used to be Fort Ord. The best decision is to postpone moving families to this area until housing for them has been secured.

The military housing in the area is managed by Pinnacle, an American Management Company. The Main Housing Office is located at 1200 Fechteler Drive (La Mesa Village), Monterey, CA Telephone (831) 644-0400 or (800) 334-9168. All service members who opt for "on Post" housing are required to sign a "month-to-month" lease with Pinnacle Management, authorizing their BAH to flow to Pinnacle.

Monterey Bay Military Housing is located at 1301 Leahy Road, La Mesa Village, Monterey. All family housing business pertaining to in-processing, assignments, terminations and inspections is processed at the MBMH. Personnel assigned to the Presidio of Monterey with duty as students at the Defense Language School will probably be assigned housing on the Ord Military Community (formerly Fort Ord), about 8 miles from the school.

You will need the following documents to regisiter for housing:

    DA FORM 31 Request and Authority for Leave
    DA FORM 137 Installation Clearance Record (to establish date departed last duty station)
    PCS Orders and verification of dependents
    DD FORM 93 Emergency Data Card
    DD Form 1746 Application for Housing

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