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Presidio of Monterey, California


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Presidio of Monterey, California

Presidio of Monterey High Street Gate

The Presidio of Monterey (POM) is located in Monterey County, the city of Monterey, California, about 117 miles south of San Francisco, on the Pacific coast. The Monterey Peninsula has a rich history, and it's rugged coastline is known for it's natural beauty.

Montery was one of the fve presidios, or forts, that was built by Spain in what is now the western United States in the late 1700's. During the war with Mexico, Commodore John D. Sloat, commander of the U.S. Navy's Pacific Squadron, claimed the territory of Monterey and the Presidio for the United States. In November 1941, the Army established a secret school on the Presidio of San Francisco to teach the Japanese language to American soldiers of Japanese heritage. In June 1946, the school was designated as the Army Language School and later renamed the Defense Language Institute in 1963.

The Presidio of Monterey's mission is to provide professional base support services which facilitate mission readiness and promote wellbeing for all supported elements. The primary tenant organization is the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLI/FLC). DLI/FLC provides foreign language education, training, evaluation, and sustainment for DoD personnel in order to ensure the success of the Defense Foreign Language Program and enhance the security of the Nation.

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