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Fort McCoy, Wisconsin


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Fort McCoy, Wisconsin

Fort McCoy Garrison Commander Col. David E. Chesser speaks to youths who attend the Fort McCoy Summer Youth Program.

Photo courtesy U.S. Army; photo credit: Billy Cargile

The Fort McCoy School Liaison Office is located in Building 1751, (608) 388-4373. Children living on South Post are bussed to the Sparta Area School District. Those assigned to Woodridge Housing are within the Tomah Area School District.

Currently Silver Lake College is the only school offering a course on the installation with a master degree in Organizational Management. For more information on local or online colleges and universities, contact the Fort McCoy Education and Learning Center.

Under Wisconsin Statute 118.15(4), a parent or guardian has the right to select a home-based private educational program (HBPEP) for her or his child or children, in order to comply with the compulsory school attendance law. If the HBPEP option is chosen, the parent or guardian is required to complete form PI-1206 and submit it to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI). The statutes contain no express authority for any agency or school district to monitor home-based private educational programs or to verify hours of instruction of sequential curriculum.Anyone wishing to provide a home-based private educational program should request the registration form PI-1206 from the Department of Public Instruction, P.O. Box 7841, Madison, WI 53707-7841 or call 608-266-5761 or 888-245-2732, ext. 1 and leave a message stating the name and address where you wish to have the form sent.

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