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McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, Oklahoma


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McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, Oklahoma

Edmond Doyle Elementary School

McAlester Army Ammunition Plant does not have a school on the installation. MCAAP housing is in the Savanna School District and Savanna's school provides transportation to their school. Persons living on the installation may use other McAlester area schools but no transportation is provided unless child attends the Child and Youth Services (CYS) program.

Required documents needed for enrolling students are shot records, certified birth certificate, child's social security number, documents from previous schools, if available, and Individual Education Plan (IEP) for students with special needs. To enroll in kindergarten, children must be 5 years of age before September 2nd.

Personnel arriving with an exceptional family member should contact the Exceptional Family Member Program coordinator upon arrival. The EFMP is designed to provide assistance to the children and adult depends of eligible military/civilian personnel.

The local Private Christian School, Lakewood Christian School has K-12 classes 918-426-2000.

Eastern State College has an associate program. Eastern also has a campus located in McAlester which offers selected upper level courses from East Central State University Ada, Oklahoma and Southeastern State University Durant, Oklahoma. For more information on educational issues contact the Army Community Service Office at 918-420-6249/6271.

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