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Fort Lewis, Washington


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Fort Lewis, Washington

Home in the Clarkdale Community

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There are 3801 sets of family home units at Fort Lewis. They are divided into eleven housing areas and broken down by rank and bedroom requirement. The minimum number of bedrooms for the rank of E-1, E-2, E-3 or E-6 is two. Senior NCOs (E6P-E9) is a three bedrooms house. Company grade and field grade officers also will have three bedrooms as a minimum.

For those who are eligible and desiring government housing, you will need to supply a copy of the orders assigning you to Fort Lewis at Building 2150 - Waller Hall, phone(253)912-2150. If you are coming from a dependent restricted tour, they will require a copy of the orders that assigned you OCONUS. It is possible to receive up to 14 months credit for eligibility when coming from a "short tour". Regrettably, not everyone can be housed immediately upon arrival. If you must reside off post, keep in mind that the estimated waiting times are just estimates and cannot be relied on to know exactly when you will be offered government quarters. Therefore, it is in your best interest to discuss your status with your area counselor on a regular basis, but most certainly before renewing a lease or rental agreement.

Families may stay in temporary housing such as the Fort Lewis Lodge (guest house), while waiting for on post housing or locating housing off post. If guesthouse facilities are full, ask the desk clerk for local hotel reduced rate referrals and if they can make arrangements for you. The 149-room lodge is located near the Welcome Center, Post Exchange, Commissary, library, bank, credit union and many other facilities. It has a small playground and plenty of parking. Additional guesthouse facilities, six cabins, are located on Main Post and controlled by the lodge.

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