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Fort Lewis, Washington


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Temporary Lodging
Fort Lewis, Washington

"The Rainier Inn" At Fort Lewis Lodging

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Fort Lewis Lodging has an affordable rate and rooms which are furnished as nice or better than most Civilian Hotels.

The Fort Lewis Lodge is located at Building 2111, between Utah St. and Pendleton St. It's open 24 hours a day. The front desk is operational 24 hours a day. For reservations and information call (253) 967-2815, DSN 357-2815 or (253) 967-5051, DSN 357-5051, Fax (253)-967-2253, DSN 357-2253.

Rates vary from $18.00 to $35.00 based on rank and type of facility. Each additional guest in the Guest house is $3.00 Each additional guest in all other facilities is $5.00 There is a strict NO PET policy in the facilities with the exception of six 1 bedroom cabins. A list of off - post kennels is available at the front desk.

Fort Lewis Lodging Services offers 149 single rooms for PCS with private baths. 5 rooms are equipped for handicapped personnel. The Guest House also offers six cabins located on main post.

Lewis Hall Lewis Hall is a TDY facility that offers 27 one bedroom Suites with private bath and 3 single rooms with private bath. Bronson Hall Bronson Hall is an historical building built in 1934. It features 3 Suites, to include one two-bedroom suite with private bath, and two one-bedroom suites. It also features 16 one-bedroom suites with private baths. All rooms have micro fridge's and a made to order breakfast service is offered. Two one-bedroom cabins located near Bronson Hall are available for Distinguished Visitors.

There are two buildings within 1/2 mile of Madigan Army Medical Center. These facilities are primarily used to house medical and nursing students.

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