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Fort Lewis, Washington


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TACOMA, WA - OCTOBER 24: Soldiers stand guard at the entrance to Fort Lewis October 24, 2002 in Tacoma, Washington.
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Fort Lewis, named after Meriwether Lewis of the famed Lewis and Clark expedition, is one of the largest and most modern military reservations in the United States. Consisting of 87,000 acres of prairie land cut from the glacier-flattened Nisqually Plain, it is the premier military installation in the Northwest. Fort Lewis is situated in a key location along Interstate 5, allowing easy access to Sea-Tac airport and to the deep water ports of Tacoma and Seattle.

The fort was designated a permanent Army post in 1927. During the post's long history, it served as home to 14 Army divisions including 3rd Infantry, 4th Infantry and the 9th Infantry Division (Motorized). Fort Lewis also served as a major training and personnel center for overseas deployment during World War II and the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

Part of Forces Command, Fort Lewis is the home of I Corps and has been since 1981. It is one of 15 US power projection platforms. The Corps' primary focus is Pacific Rim. As a result, I Corps has a close, ongoing relationship with Pacific Command.

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