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Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri


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Medical Care
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital

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General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital (GLWACH) is located in Building 310. GLWACH is a modern, 75 bed facility. The Information Desk can be reached 24/7 at:(573) 596-0035 DSN 581-0035. Call 1-866-299-4234 to schedule an appointment at GLWACH.

Staffed by over 900 medical, dental and administrative personnel, GLWACH provides inpatient and outpatient care to more than 30,000 beneficiaries.

When you arrive at Fort Leonard Wood, it is essential that you turn in your medical records. Active duty personnel need to take their records to the Active Duty Records Room at the TRICARE Office located in Bldg 470 or to the Consolidated Troop Medical Clinic (CTMC). Family members turn in records at the Outpatient Records section (as you enter the front door, to your immediate right).

Outpatient care at Fort Leonard Wood may be accessed through one of two options: the Family Practice Service Option or the Multi-Specialty Option, which includes the services of the Internal Medicine Clinic, the Pediatric Clinic and OB/GYN Services.

Family Practice Clinic Option -- Under this option, physicians provide a broad range of medical care to patients of all ages. Under a Primary Care Management team headed by a Family Practice physician, a family may receive care for minor medical and surgical problems and evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic illness. Health maintenance exams, to include well babies

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