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Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri


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Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

Freedom Elementary School

Fort Leonard Wood has many academic opportunities for the soldier and family. The Education center has various degrees programs up to and including Masters Degrees. Just off of the installation are academic institutions including the University of Mo-Rolla a state premier engineering school.

Waynesville R-VI Schools serve an area and population unlike any other in the state of Missouri. About 75 percent of its students are military family members whose parents are assigned to Fort Leonard Wood. The remaining 35 percent are from the Waynesville-St. Robert communities. Many of the students in the school district were born in other states than Missouri and some in foreign countries.

There are 4 elementary schools located on Fort Leonard Wood. There are two elementary schools, one middle school and the High School located in Waynesville. Grades 9-12 attend Waynesville High School which is accredited by the North Central Association. Students attending High School are bused from Fort Leonard Wood to the High School. Students living off-post are also bused to their respective schools.

To locate what school district you are residing in call 573-774-6002.

The district operates Pick School on Ft. Leonard Wood, which offers and Early Childhood Special Education Program, as well as Parents as Teachers (PAT) and the Parent and Child Education (PACE) program.

New students should bring the following to enroll: last grade card, a transfer sheet (if provided), and a shot record (see Immunizations) along with any other information available from previous school.

Also available through the Waynesville School District is the Waynesville Technical Academy, offering Pulaski County students a variety of vocational and career special training opportunities.

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