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Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri


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Temporary Lodging
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel Housing

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The Fort Leonard Wood Lodging Office front desk is located in Building 470, the Soldier Service Center, Suite 1201 and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week You are encouraged to call in advance to make your reservations at 1-800-677-8356 or 573-596-0665. Fort Leonard Wood has 5 different temporary lodging facilities available.

The Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel Housing facility can house approximately 888 guests. This is mainly for enlisted soldiers who are visiting Fort Leonard Wood for educational purposes. Pets are not allowed in UEPH.

Morelli Heights contains 347 rooms with two types of lodging areas: Extended stay rooms and suites.

Sturgis Heights houses 338 occupants, and contains two types of rooms: Extended stay rooms and family suites.

Foster Lodge is newly renovated. It has 70 rooms, of which four are handicapped accessible. Each room ia a suite with one queen size bed and a separate living area.

There are eight pet cottages that offer you a full sized living room with a sofa sleeper for extra bedding needs.

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