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Fort Lee, Virginia


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Fort Lee, Virginia

t. Col. Morris Bodrick reads the Army Birthday Book to children at Tussing Elementary School. Photo Credit: Tina Collins

Photo courtesy U.S. Army; Photo Credit: Tina Collins

The Fort Lee School Liaison Officer is located in Bldg. 10612, Yorktown Drive 1100 Lee Ave., Suite 101 Fort Lee. They can be contact via phone at 804-765-3813. The School Liaison Services provides information, support and assistance to parents of school-age children, K-12, to include transitioning, home schooling, post secondary education, school registration, transportation, school policies and in/out processing.

Several school systems, public and private, are found close to Fort Lee. Students from families living at Fort Lee will attend The Prince George County School System. Parents must provide birth certificate, social security number, comprehensive physical examination, certificate of immunizations, court-issued custody papers (if applicable), previous school records and proof of residency when registering children for schools in Virginia. All children must attend school in the district where they reside. In order to register for school, parents must provide proof of their residence, on-post residents can obtain a memorandum from the Fort Lee Housing Office.

School bus service is provided at designated locations within the housing areas for children attending Prince George County Public Schools. School bus service is also provided at temporary lodging on post, the Youth Center and Child Development Center for Before and After School Care.

Family members of military personnel residing off post will enroll in the school district where they reside. Bus services are provided by each local school district's Department of Transportation to their prospective school only.

If you are interested in home school you may contact Tri-Cities Home Educators of VA: 804-278-9200. Other school listings are provided upon request from the SLO.

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