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Fort Leavenworth, Kansas


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Medical Care
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

The Medical Activity Color Guard presents the colors at the Kansas City Wizards Fort Leavenworth Military Appreciation Night at Community America Ballpark in Kansas City.

Photo courtesy U.S. Army; Photo Credit: Will King, Fort Leavenworth Lamp

Fort Leavenworth military personnel, family members and retirees receive medical services through the Munson Army Health Center. Munson Army Health Center provides health care through Primary Care Managers. To be assigned a Primary Care Manager, patients must enroll in TRICARE Prime. Those wishing to enroll or to transfer their enrollment from another duty location should stop by the TRICARE Service Center located in Munson Army Health Center or make the change by using the Triwest Web site, www.triwest.com.

Munson does not have a traditional Military Sick Call. Those types of appointments are booked using the Advanced Access system.
Advanced Access, Gentry Health Clinic, operates under advanced access scheduling. The advanced access approach means that when you call for an appointment your health-care needs are met during that telephone call. You will either be seen that day or within the next seven days at your discretion. The clinic does not schedule advance appointments, except for specific follow-up appointments, which are made before the patient leaves the clinic. Appointments can be made by calling (913)684-6250, or booked online at https://www.munson.amedd.army.mil.

Munson Army Health Center does not have an emergency room. Munson Army Health Center's Primary Care Clinic, Gentry Health Clinic, is open daily, excluding Sundays and holidays, and can take care of minor emergencies. For problems that occur after the clinic closes, contact the physician on-call at 684-6000.

If directed to the emergency room, all beneficiaries are encouraged to use one the the three network emergency rooms in Leavenworth at Cushing Memorial Hospital, St. John Hospital and the Dwight D. Eisenhower VA Medical Center.

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