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Fort Leavenworth, Kansas


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Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

The mission of Eisenhower Elementary is to engage all students to gain knowledge for lifelong learning.

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The Fort Leavenworth School Liaison Officer Office is located in Bldg. 198, Garrison Headquarters. Office hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.. The phone number is 684-1655, DSN 552-1655.

The post has its own school district, Unified School District 207. You can visit the School District website at http://www.ftlvn.com/. The Fort Leavenworth School District does not have an open enrollment policy. Students residing on the Fort Leavenworth Military reservation or the Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary property are eligible to attend the district schools.

To Enroll your child you must supply: Immunization Record, Social Security Number, Birth Certificate, Completed Physical Form, Report Card from Last School, and Any Special Education Records.

Eisenhower, MacArthur and Bradley Elementary Schools are the neighborhood schools for students attending Kindergarten through grade six. Students in grades seven through nine attend Patton Junior High School. Students attending Bradley and MacArthur are within walking distance to school. Many Eisenhower and Patton Students are bussed to school.

Senior high school students attend Leavenworth High School, which is part of the city school system. Fort Leavenworth provides bus transportation to and from the high school for post residents.

When students live off post, they will find a number of public and parochial schools that vary in size, opening and closing dates, fees, curriculum and other details. You can learn more about area school facilities and enrollment from the board of education of the school district in which you will reside. (Area schools' addresses and phone numbers are included later in this section.

There are many parochial and private schools offering education from pre-school to high school in the Leavenworth area.

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