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Fort Knox, Kentucky


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Medical Care
Fort Knox, Kentucky

Ireland Army Hospital

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The Fort Knox Medical Department Activity, MEDDAC consists of Ireland Army Hospital, three Army Health clinics, Nelson Troop Medical Clinic, Camp Memorial Blood Center and a Preventive Medicine Service and Optical Fabrication Lab.

MEDDAC serves the active duty and retired members of the armed services, their family members and the family members of deceased service members. It also treats civilians in emergency situations when it is the closest hospital. All patients must present an identification card. Children over 10 years of age must present their ID card even when accompanied by a parent with identification. Patients must be enrolled in the Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting Systems.

Ireland Army Hospital is a full service general medical and surgical hospital fully accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

Active duty personnel are required to inprocess through the TRICARE Service Center to be assigned a Primary Care Manager. Family members will also receive information on availability of Primary Care Managers at the TRICARE Service Center.

The Community Health Nurse provides comprehensive care and follow-up nursing service for beneficiaries. Services provided includes home visits on and off post, chronic disease and tuberculosis prevention, health and troop education, health risk appraisals, and follow-up on selected communicable diseases.

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