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Fort Knox, Kentucky


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Fort Knox, Kentucky
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Fort Knox Community Schools system operates four elementary schools with grades preK-3, two intermediate schools with grades 4-6, one middle school with grades 7-8, and the high school with grades 9-12. Enrollment totals approximately 2,000 students.

Established in 1932, the Fort Knox Community Schools provide a comprehensive program for preschool through high school students who are military family members living on post. Approximately 2,800 students attend the eight Fort Knox schools, which are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Fort Knox schools provide full educational benefits for children with special needs, ages three through 21. The system offers special programs for students with a wide range of disabling conditions; including mental handicaps, emotional disturbances, and learning disabilities. The school system makes contract tuition arrangements for students with special problems that are beyond the scope of the system's facilities or personnel.

Fort Knox Schools' voluntary half-day program for four-year-olds is called the Discovery Program. The program uses a Montessori-based curriculum. If you have a four-year-old, it is highly recommended that you enroll.

The School Liaison Officer works in conjunction with Child and Youth Services and the local school community to address educational issues including, home school involving military children. For more information, contact your School Liaison Officer at 502-624-2305 or DSN 312 -464-2305.

For adult education, there is a community college and a vo-tech school in Elizabethtown, as well as branches of large universities on post. The main campus of the University of Louisville is a 45 minute drive from the base.

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