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Fort Knox, Kentucky


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Temporary Lodging
Fort Knox, Kentucky

Soldiers and members of a joint color guard render honors prior to a ceremony commemorating Veterans Day

Photo courtesy U.S. Army; Photo Credit: Spc. Kiyoshi Freeman

Fort Knox Army Lodging has over 600 transient lodging rooms located in six standard guest room complexes throughout Fort Knox. Units are standard style effeciency apartments complete with queen-size beds, microwaves, cooking facilities, refrigerators, cable television, VCRs, and free in-room internet access.

For reservations call(502)943-1000. Reservations are accepted 120 days in advance for official travel and 14 days in advance for unofficial guests. Families attending Basic Training graduations or Family Days may reserve 14 days in advance of graduation or Family Day date. Credit card guarantee is required for late arrivals.

A limited number of pet rooms are available. Pets must have health certificate and there is a non-refundable $40.00 cleaning fee and a $6.00 daily pet fee.

Geographical Bachelors Quarters is a facility for "geographical bachelors", assigned to Fort Knox, KY. The GBQ maintains a full roster of occupants as well as an extensive waiting list of personnel desiring to take advantage of quality, affordable housing. Personnel will be placed on the waiting list by date of eligibility if application is made within 30 days of arrival at new duty station. If not, eligibility date is the date of application. Key and essential personnel will be placed at the top of the list immediately below other key and essential personnel.Conctact the GBQ at (502) 943-1827.

Camp Carlson is a scenic outdoor recreational camping area. The camp features an Army Travel Camp with water, electricity, toilets, showers, laundry facilities and a sewage dump station. Both trailer and tent camping are permitted. Reservations are required for everything except recreation vehicle sites and tent camping. Individuals who rent their camper or tent from the Fort Knox Rental Center receive a 10% discount per night on their vehicle/tent site.

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