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Fort Jackson, South Carolina


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Fort Jackson, South Carolina

Lt. Col. John Calahan, commander of the 1st Battalion, 13th Infantry Regiment, reads to Michael, 4, a preschooler at Annie Burnside Elementary School.

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School Liaison Officer can help with any questions or concerns you may have about transitioning into the Fort Jackson schools as well as the surrounding school districts. The School Liaison Officer can be reached by phone at 803-751-6150 or DSN 312-734-6150; or by mailing address: 3392 Magruder Ave., Ft. Jackson, S.C. 29207.

Fort Jackson is home to two elementary schools serving grades Pre-kindergarten through 6th grade. They are administered by the Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools (DDESS) and the Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA). Pierce Terrace Elementary educates Pre K through 1st grade. C.C. Pinckney Elementary educates 2nd through 6th grades. These schools support children of military personnel living on Fort Jackson. Students in grades 7-12 living on Fort Jackson attend Richland District Two Schools. 7th &8th graders attend Dent Middle School and 9th-12th graders attend Richland Northeast High School.

Children of military personnel living off post are supported by primarily two school districts: Richland District 1 and Richland District 2. A majority of Fort Jackson military children attend Richland District 2 schools, which consist of 15 Elementary Schools, 6 Middle Schools, and 4 High Schools. RD2 offers 15 magnet programs in various schools. A number of Fort Jackson military children also attend Richland District 1 Schools, which consist of 30 Elementary Schools, 9 Middle Schools, and 8 High Schools. RD1 also has three charter schools. Both districts have alternative schools for behavior issues. RD1 offers a tech high school for grades 11-12 which is open to students in other districts as well. The specific school your child attends is based on residency within the school district and these rules are strictly enforced.

Fort Jackson has an active home school group.

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