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Fort Jackson, South Carolina


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Location/Driving Directions
Fort Jackson, South Carolina

Located in the heart of the midlands region of South Carolina, Fort Jackson is incorporated into the city of Columbia. Columbia, South Carolina is a city filled with hundreds of years of history preserved in museums, churches, monuments and plantation houses. Its mild climate enables visitors and residents to take part in outdoor recreation nearly year-round. Columbia is also noted for its zoo and botanical gardens, sports, arts and local special events. The city is located in the center of the state and is accessible from three major highways - I-20, I-26 and I-77. Both I-85 and I-95 are a short drive away.

Directions from Airport

Exit airport, take I-26 East (toward Charleston); take I-77 North; exit at Exit 12 onto Strom Thurmond Blvd ( a continuation of off-post street Forest Drive). After entering Gate 2, the Welcome Center is just beyond the first stoplight on the right. Turn right into the building marked "Barker Bldg."

Directions if Driving
Arriving on I-26 from the West

Take I-20 east; proceed to I-77 South (Careful not to be diverted to I-77 North); once on I-77 South proceed to Exit 12; proceed onto Ft. Jackson to Welcome Center as described above.

Arriving I-26 from East

Take I-77 north to Exit 12; then onto Ft. Jackson to Welcome Center as described in paragraph above.

Arriving on I-20 from East

Take I-77 south to exit 12, then to Welcome Center, as described in above paragraph.

From Bus and Train Stations

From bus or train station, have taxi enter by Gate 2, Forest Drive gate, then proceed as above.

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