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U.S. Army Illesheim(Storck Barracks), Germany


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U.S. Army Illesheim(Storck Barracks), Germany
Photo courtesy U.S. Army

The Ansbach and Illesheim military communities feature on-base housing, government-leased housing located off the installations and housing available on the economy.

The United States Army Garrison (USAG) Ansbach Community Government housing ranges from 2-4 bedroom quarters on and off post located in Ansbach and Katterbach. The housing in the Ansbach Military Community is undergoing extensive renovations. Active duty military can choose between living in Government housing on post or Government leased housing off post. Check with the housing office upon arrival about the pros and cons of living on post or off post.

Members will be assigned to a unit in accordance with their bedroom entitlement, generally a bedroom for the member and spouse and a bedroom for each child. Positions on the waiting list will be determined by the detachment date from your previous duty station depending on eligibility criteria upon arrival. You must be command sponsored to be eligible for housing.

The Housing Office must approve all housing and negotiate all contracts for service members to receive their Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA). Apartments and town homes/single family dwellings are available; however, mobile homes are not.

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