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U.S. Army Illesheim(Storck Barracks), Germany


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U.S. Army Illesheim(Storck Barracks), Germany
Photo courtesy U.S. Army

The Illesheim Military Community is located in Germany in Northern Bavaria, approximately 45 minutes from the historic city of Nuernberg and two hours from Frankfurt, Germany. Storck Barracks occupies about 415 acres just outside of the Village of Illesheim. It is a subcommunity of USAG Ansbach. This installation is approximately 27 miles from Ansbach/Katterbach.

Storck Barracks is named in honor of Colonel Louis J. Storck, U.S. Army who was awarded the Silver Star posthumously for his gallantry in action near Raids, France from July 17th to 25th, 1944.

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