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Fort Huachuca, Arizona


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Medical Care
Fort Huachuca, Arizona

The Raymond W Bliss Army Health Center

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Fort Huachuca provides for medical care with three clinics. Appointments can be made at (520) 533-9200. The Tricare phone number is (520) 533-5614 and the benefits phone number is (520) 533-1204.

Raymond W Bliss Army Health Center is located at 2240 E Winrow Ave. It provides a full spectrum of ambulatory primary care and prevention as well as surgical services. They partner with TriWest network providers for emergency services, hospital care, mother-baby care, and many outpatient specialties. The facilities consist of a main health center and several satellite clinics and pharmacy services for patients needing refills.

RWBAHC does not have EMERGENCY room capability. Emergency Room care is provided by Sierra Vista Regional Health Center Emergency Room. Access to medical care at RWBAHC is by appointment, unless otherwise stated.

Sierra Vista Community Based Outpatient Clinic is located at 45001 Winrow Street - Building 45006.

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