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Fort Huachuca, Arizona


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Fort Huachuca, Arizona

Fort Huachuca on-post housing

Fort Huachuca is one of the largest family housing establishments in the Department of the Army. It has 1,954 units, of which 218 units are are officers' quarters and 1,736 units are listed as enlisted quarters. All family quarters on post come with refrigerators and ranges. Cable television can be connected for a small monthly rate. Senior officers reside in a row of large adobe quarters along Grierson Avenue. These two-story homes date from 1884 and are part of the old cavalry fort now listed as a National Historical Landmark.

To obtain on-post housing, you must supply a copy of orders, copy of leave form and proof of family members (birth certificate, passport, LES) if not on orders. Soldiers may apply for family housing before arriving at Fort Huachuca.

There is also on the base a RV resort, that is open to Active duty, military dependants, retirees and DoD civilians. Reservations may be made 60 days out for Active duty personnel.

To assist you in finding housing off-base contact the Housing Referral Office for any problems you may encounter,any questions you may have or problems with off-post housing. The HRO can provide a list of rentals with corresponding locator maps and give information about the communities in which the rentals are located.

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