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Fort Huachuca, Arizona


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Location/Driving Directions
Fort Huachuca, Arizona

Fort Huachuca is located in the southeastern corner of Arizona on 73,272 acres. It is surrounded by Cochise County and the local townships of Sierra Vista, Hereford, and Huachuca City, approximately one hour south of Tucson.

If arriving by air at the Tucson International Airport, you will find a military lounge open to all military personal, Department of Defense civilians, and their family members. At the airport is a lounge area for individuals awaiting transportation. A listing of shuttles to Sierra Vista and Fort Huachuca is available there. The lounge is staffed by military personnel and is open Monday-Friday, 0800 to 2000 hrs. When volunteers are available, the lounge is open on Saturdays, 9:00 am -2:00 pm. For more information about lounge hours and location, call 520-573-8012.

Directions from Tucson International Airport to Sierra Vista/Fort Huachuca:

Take Tucson Boulevard to Valencia Road
Turn right at the light on Valencia Road and continue on this road until you see a sign on the right for I-10 East(El Paso)
Go east on I-10 to exit 302, Fort Huachuca/Sierra Vista exit
Continue on SR 90 until you see the signs for Fort Huachuca, approximately 27 miles
Entrance to the fort may be made at the East Gate, which is the first gate on the right, or the Main Gate, which is further down on the right hand side as well.
Shuttle Service from Tucson International Airport

Angel Transport is recommended shuttle service and can be contacted at 520-452-9976. It is always best to call for a reservation when requiring shuttle transportation. Angel Transport runs 24/7; however, should you need transportation after 10:00 p.m. to 3:30 a.m., call for a reservation. Verify costs at time of reservation. Fares are subject to change based on time of day:

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