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Fort Hood, Texas


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Temporary Lodging
Fort Hood, Texas

The Keith Ware Hall

Photo courtesy U.S. Army

Temporary Lodging at Fort Hood information and reservations are made at Building 111, on Hood Road, Ft Hood. The phone number is (254) 532-5157, DSN 737-2700 , or you may call the Poxon House at (254) 532-2100 Hours: 0630-2200, 7 days a week Worldwide reservations can be made by calling 1-800-GO-ARMY-1 (1-800-462-7691) or DSN 897-2790.


Due to the large number of personnel in an official travel status, reservations are recommended. There is a 30-day limit on PCS. The Poxon Guest House is the main guest house, a 75-unit facility with a community-type kitchen and a kennel. Other categories may stay on a space-available basis.

Transient Lodging information and reservations may be made in Building 36006 (High Rise) on Wratten Drive, Ft Hood, or you may call (254) 532-5157 DSN 737-2700, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week Lodging is available to personnel at Fort Hood for TDY or annual training and PCS status. Visitors may stay on a space available basis. These facilities feature in-room telephones, televisions, private baths, and microfridges.

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