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U.S. Army Garrison Heidelberg, Schwetzinge, Germersheim


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Location/Driving Directions
U.S. Army Garrison Heidelberg, Schwetzinge, Germersheim
Heidelberg is centrally located in Germany, with the cities such as Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Nurnberg and Munchen (Munich) only being a few hours away by train. It is also a short trip to France and cities such as Strasbourg not far away, and Paris only a few hours farther.

Directions to US Army Garrison Heidelberg

Traveling via Plane

Airport (Flughafen) Frankfurt Rhein-Main (80 km) is within one hour's reach. Transfer to and from Frankfurt via Lufthansa Airport Shuttle Service. The Lufthansa Airport Shuttle service's phone number is 011-49-621-651620.

Transfer by Train

From Frankfurt Airport to Heidelberg, change trains in Mannheim (with ICE or other trains, approximately 1 hour).

Road Classification

Roads are classified by a letter, a number and the direction e.g. A5 Frankfurt-Basel


Traveling via Car

Autobahn A5/A656 (Darmstadt-Karlsruhe/Basel), exit at intersection (Autobahnkreuz) Heidelberg or Heidelberg-Schwetzingen/Patrick Henry Village.

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