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Fort Hamilton, New York


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Fort Hamilton, New York

Permanent Housing

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In the New York City area off post housing is very expensive. Almost 100% of military assigned to the area, which are not from the area, live on Fort Hamilton.You will want to be sure to inquire about permanent housing in advance of your arrival so you can arrange for temporary lodging, if necessary.

Single Soldiers should contact their sponsor about the availability of quarters. Married military personnel should call Balfour Beatty Communities at (718) 630-4697 for information about on-post family quarters or referrals for off-post quarters. The Balfour Beatty Communities offers a detailed overview of family housing at Fort Hamilton..

The Balfour Beatty Communities office on Fort Hamilton is at 137A Poly Place Apt. 1-B.

The wait for on-post housing varies by rank but most military are able to move into the apartment complex within a short period. The wait for "townhouses" can be several months.

Fort Hamilton does not accept advance applications for family housing. However, eligibility dates for quarter assignment are backdated to the detachment date from your last duty station, provided application for housing is made within 30 days of arrival to Fort Hamilton. In-processing Soldiers will be asked to provide a copy of orders and any supporting documentation (leave form, marriage certificate, birth certificates of dependents and termination of government quarters, if applicable).

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