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U.S. Army Garrison Grafenwoehr


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Location/Driving Directions
U.S. Army Garrison Grafenwoehr

United States Army Garrison (USAG) Grafenwoehr consists of the Vilseck and Grafenwoehr communities, which are located in beautiful Bavaria, about 60 miles northeast of Nuernberg.

Driving Directions:

From Nuernberg Airport

Head in the direction of Autobahn A9 toward Berlin. About the 7th exit going North on A9 look for the exit that reads "Pegnitz/Grafenwoehr". Take that exit and follow signs to Grafenwoehr (approximately 30-35 KM). Once in the town of Grafenwoehr at the main intersection (2nd stoplight) go right 3-4 blocks and on to post.

From Frankfurt Airport

Take Autobahn A3 toward Nuernberg. At Nuernberg, go onto Autobahn A9 and follow the directions as above to get to Grafenwoehr from the Nuernberg Airport.

From Munich Airport

Leave the airport in the direction of Munich. Take the 2nd Autobahn exit in the direction of Nuernberg/Berlin. This will be Autobahn A9. In about 25 minutes, the autobahn divides. Follow Autobahn A93 in the direction of Regensburg. Stay on A93 beyond Regensburg to Weiden using the Weiden West exit. Go right on RT 470 for 20 minutes and follow signs to Grafenwoehr.

Directions to Vilseck
Take Autobahn #3. Follow signs to Wuerzburg. Past Wuerzburg, follow signs to Nuernberg Autobahn #6 towards Amberg. Take exit Amberg West and follow B299 to Amberg. Stay on B 299, follow directions to Vilseck. In Vilseck follow signs to 7th Army Rose Barracks.

From Munich Airport

Leave airport in the direction of Munich. Take the second exit towards Nuernberg/Berlin (Autobahn 9). Watch for signs to Autobahn 93 Regensburg. Stay on A93 follow signs to Amberg. Exit Autobahn at Amberg and follow signs to Vilseck.

Note: If you do not have a USAREUR license, do not rent a car at the 64th Replacement (fines range around $6,000.00!!!).

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