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Fort Gordon, Georgia


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Fort Gordon, Georgia

Family housing at Fort Gordon

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Fort Gordon currently has approximately 900 family housing units. All family housing is privatized and operated by Balfour Beatty Communities. Over 300 new homes have been built since May 2007. Many have garages (in some cases, two car garages) and fenced back yards. The number of units available at any given time varies due to new construction and renovation work. Wait time vary depending on rank and construction; as of April 2008 many arriving personnel are offered quarters immediately and others within one month.

Residents living in Fort Gordon housing will release their BAH to GMH Military Housing. In the event that both husband and wife in one home/dwelling are active duty Residents, only the senior member or the member drawing BAH with dependent rate will release the BAH to Landlord, whichever is higher.

Barracks housing for single service members is controlled by each unit. Renovations are underway for some barracks buildings. There is a wide variety of room configurations depending on rank and unit.

Augusta has many apartments within a few miles of Fort Gordon. Rent is reasonable and is below national averages. Typically, vacancies will be common due to high turnover among military residents. There are few, if any, furnished apartments available. Furnished corporate apartments can be found, but rents start at about $1300 per month. Overall, the cost of living in the Augusta area is 8.2% below the national average and housing costs are 24% below the national average. In addition, utility costs run 8.1% below the national average. The Augusta area has more homes in the mid-price range than the national average. Also, the inventory of relatively new housing (built since 1980) is higher than the national average.

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