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Fort Gordon, Georgia


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Fort Gordon, Georgia

Fort Gordon gate sign

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Fort Gordon is home to the United States Army Signal Corps and Signal Center. The installation is located in Richmond, Jefferson, McDuffie, and Columbia counties, Georgia. The main componment of the post is the Advanced Individual Training for Signal Corps military occupational specialites. The U.S. Army Signal Center and Fort Gordon,"The Home of the Signal Corps", trains more soldiers than any other branch training center of the United States Army.

Camp Gordon was named after the Confederate Lieutenant General John Brown Gordon. During World War II the installation was activated for infantry and armor training. In September 1948, the Signal Corps Training Center was established here. Camp Gordon was re-designated Fort Gordon and become a permanent Army installation in 1956. Designating the installation the U.S. Army Signal Center, the Army consolidated all communications training at Fort Gordon in 1974. Fort Gordon figures prominently in the post-Cold-War national defense.

Fort Gordon's primary mission is training for signal and ordnance soldiers.

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