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U.S. Army Garrison Garmisch


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U.S. Army Garrison Garmisch

Munich International School

Photo Courtesy U.S. Dept of State

The Garmisch Elementary/Middle School is and American accredited school offering instruction to children in K-8 grade.

Home schooling is an option for many in the Garmisch community. Should this be your option, it may be beneficial for you to explore the possibilities for programs before leaving the US.

Garmisch does not have a DoDDS American High School (grades 9-12). Most high school age students commute to the Munich International School in Starnberg. MIS is a private school and requires high academic and behavior standards. Acceptance to the school is not automatic. The school will not accept students on IEP's, students with a low GPAs, or students receiving other special educational services. School-aged children of full-time civilian DoD employees who are NOT on a transportation agreement or entitled to a Living Quarter's Allowance (LQA) are NOT eligible to attend MIS or any other tuition required school at government expense.

Contact MIS as soon as you are aware of your assignment to Garmisch or Oberammergau. Space can be limited so late registration could result in being placed on a waiting list or not being accepted.

American children may attend German schools at all levels. The German schools differ from the American schools in several ways: shorter school days, more homework, more frequent vacations but a shorter summer break, supplies and books that must be purchased, etc. Also consider the language barrier for children not fluent in German, particularly older children. Young children adapt quickly to the language and customs and generally do quite well. If you choose to enter your child in a German Kindergarten or other school, you will find the programs excellent. The enrollment is usually limited, so arrangements should be made as early as possible.

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