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Fort Drum, New York


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Child Care
Fort Drum, New York

Soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment, carry the American flag with students from Evans Mills Primary School during their Flag Day parade.

Photo courtesy U.S. Army; Photo Credit: Maj. Tim Hyde

Fort Drum has many programs offered through Child and Youth Services. These programs range from full day, part day, and hourly child care, to before and after school programs. Active duty military, DoD civilians, contract employees, National Guard and Reserve members are eligible to utilize the programs.

Fort Drum currently operates two Child Development Centers and a Child Development Center Annex on post.

Chapel Drive and Memorial Child Development Centers offer programs for children 6 weeks to Kindergarten. Programs include full and part day care as well as before and after school care for Kindergarteners.

The Chapel Drive Child Development Center Annex houses hourly and deployed care programs. Reservations can be made for hourly care by contacting 315-772-7103. Deployed care is based on first come, first serve, walk-in basis only.

Family Child Care homes offer care for children ages 4 weeks to 12 years. . For a list of Family Child Care providers call 315-772-6716.

School Age Services offers a program with options for grades 1-5.

Children must be registered with the Child and Youth Services Central Enrollment Registry before participating in any CYS program. Priority is given to dual military couples. Currently, there are waiting lists for Child Care. Wait times vary for different types of care so be sure to check with Central Enrollment Registration at 315-772-8675 or DSN 312-772-8675 for current wait times. Fort Drum continues to expand their child care options to meet the growing demand for care.

For Families requiring child care for a child with special needs, Child and Youth Services will meet with you to ensure your child's needs are met. Additional assistance, resources and support are available through the Exceptional Family Member program. Contact the Exceptional Family Member Program at 315-772-5476.

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