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Fort Drum, New York


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Temporary Lodging
Fort Drum, New York

Fort Drum Inn Lodging

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Several lodging facilities are available at Fort Drum. Family accommodations are available at The Fort Drum Inn, 2340 Efficiency Room Lodging, Transient Lodging, and the Cottages. Additional Transient Lodging is available for individuals in training and mobilization status. The historic LeRay Mansion is available for flag officers and visiting dignitaries. Reservations may be made by calling: 1-800-826-0886, ext. 8154.

The Fort Drum Inn is reserved for soldiers permanently assigned to Fort Drum. Those with Permanent Change of Station and Temporary Duty orders have priority.

The Fort Drum Inn has 111 rooms equipped with microwaves, coffee makers, refrigerators, telephones with free local calls, in-room Internet access and cable television. Features include a laundry area, business center, outside playground and indoor playroom.

Due to a 100% demand for guest rooms, scheduled stays are restricted to 30 days for Soldiers in PCS status. Extensions are considered only after the check-out date.This list is maintained at the front desk, and is updated daily.

The Fort Drum Inn's current room rate is $42.00 per night for the first guest. Each additional guest over the age of 1 year is $5.00 per night.

Pets are not permitted, with the exception of trained handicap-aid dogs and military police dogs. A Statement of Non-Availability will not be issued if you choose to stay at an off-post facility due to pets when there are rooms available at the Fort Drum Inn. For guest convenience, lists of local off-post kennels and veterinary services are available at the Concierge or front desk. When making your room reservations be sure to let them know you have a pet and would like information about kennels in the local area.

The P-2340 Lodging Facility features multi-room units and is available for PCSing guests with pets. The current rate is $38.00.

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