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Dugway Proving Ground, Utah


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Location/Driving Directions
Dugway Proving Ground, Utah
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Dugway Proving Ground is located approximately 80 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah. Dugway Proving Ground is situated in Tooele County, located in Utah's historical west desert region. It contains over 1300 square miles of high mountain desert, making it a land area greater in size than the state of Rhode Island. DPG is a closed Post with no public access.

The following are directions from Salt Lake City in the vicinity of Salt Lake International Airport to the D.P.G. Main Gate.

Via State Route (SR) 196

Take I-80 westbound approximately 45 miles. Merge onto Route 196 via Exit 77. At the end of the exit ramp, turn left. Drive south approximately 38 miles to the Dugway Main Gate. NOTE - NO GAS OR SERVICES are available/open on this route westbound after I-80 Exit 99.

Via State Route (SR) 199

Take I-80 westbound approximately 20 miles. Merge onto Route 36 via Exit 99 and continue southbound for approximately 28 miles through the towns of Tooele, Stockton, and over the RR tracks bearing left toward Clover/Rush Valley. Turn right on Route 199 to Clover, and continue west approximately 25 miles over the mountains through Johnson's Pass to the Dugway Main Gate. NOTE - There are NO GAS SERVICES open past Tooele.

CAUTION: Travel on both routes takes you through extremely rural areas where Open Range conditions exist. Small narrow roads are posted at highway speeds - the exception being through various small communities en route. Beware of Cattle, Wildlife, and Off-road Ranch vehicles; as these are often road obstructions. Snow storms can drop 4 inches of snow in less than an hour - be prepared in case you get stuck.

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