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Fort Dix, New Jersey


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Medical Care
Fort Dix, New Jersey

The Ultimate Weapon Staute on Fort Dix

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The 87th Medical Group provides quality care to military members from Fort Dix and McGuire Air Force Base and the local area by operating an ambulatory health care facility in partnership with area civilian hospitals. The 87th Medical Group Coordinates comprehensive medical support, dental services and health maintenance for over 20,000 military personnel, dependents and authorized beneficiaries.

The hours are Monday to Friday, 0730-1630. They are closed on the 1st Friday of each month from 0700-1030 for readiness training, Sat, Sun and Holidays. The PCM can be accessed 24 hours at 1866-377-2778 for urgent (not emergency) care only.

The 87th Medical Group Opened a Joint Minor Illness and Injury Center (JMIIC) It will offer a variety of after-hours, minor illness and injury care. The JMIIC will be colocated with the immunizations clinic on the first floor of the medical group and will be staffed by a team composed of a physician, a nurse, two medical technicians, a laboratory technician and a radiology technician. The hours will be 1630-2100 Monday through Thursday, Friday 1630 to 2000, Saturdays from 0830-1330 and Sundays from 1100-1600h, excluding Federal holidays when applicable. The JMIIC will operate on a walk-in basis for TRICARE Prime beneficiaries. It will be equipped to handle non-emergency, acute minor illnesses and injuries and is not to be used as a "sick call". Please see your PCM for any chronic or on-going conditions.

If you have questions about your benefits under TRICARE or to determine if eligible to be seen in the JMIIC, please contact a Benefits Counseling and Assistance Coordinator(BCAC) at 754-9083 or 9082. For patient advocate concerns, e-mail 305MDG.PATIENTADV@MCGUIRE.AF.MIL or call (609) 754-9607. Please call 1-866-DRS-APPT or use TRICARE Online at www.tricareonline.com to schedule your appointment with your PCM.

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