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Fort Carson, Colorado


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Fort Carson, the Mountain Post, is recognized as a prime facility to lead, train, and maintain while preparing soldiers to win on the battlefield. Located southwest of Colorado Springs, Colorado, the Fort Carson area is recognized for it's beautiful scenery. This installation is one of the most requested duty stations in the U. S. Army. It is considered the second most popular CONUS duty station, and adopted "Best Hometown in the Army" as its motto in 2007.

Fort Carson was established in 1942, following Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor. Less than one month later on January 6, 1942, it was announced that Colorado Springs had been selected as the site for an army camp. On February 22, 1942, Colorado Springs newspapers reported that the installation would be named Camp Carson in honor of Brigadier General Christopher "Kit" Carson, the famous frontiersman.

The mission of Fort Carson is to operate as an efficient, effective installation and power projection platform dedicated to the training, mobilization, deployment and sustainment of the Enhanced Separate Brigades of the 4th Infantry Division and the combat-ready forces assigned to the Mountain Post, while providing a caring environment for all in a climate of cooperation and partnership with civilian and military neighbors.

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