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Fort Campbell, Kentucky


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Fort Campbell, Kentucky

Family housing in Cole Park, Fort Campbell

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Fort Campbell does not accept advance housing applications. You must apply in person at the Fort Campbell Family Housing Office.The office number is 931-431-9003/2730/2731.

Actus Lend Lease manages Fort Campbell's on-post housing Partnership.

Soldiers who have one or more eligible Family members living with them may apply for and occupy residences that are part of Fort Campbell Family Housing. All personnel E1 and above who have a bonafide dependent living with them are eligible to apply for and occupy military Family housing. Fort Campbell Family Housing team will determine what paperwork you need to determine your eligibility and average waiting time for housing. The office number is 931-431-9003/2730/2731.

Housing is available to all ranks and ranges in size from 2 to 5 bedrooms, some of them handicap accessible. Central air conditioned, stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers are available in all Family quarters. Washers and dryers are not provided. Utilities are currently furnished at no cost to the resident, except telephone, Internet and cable.

Soldiers arriving at Fort Campbell who apply for Government quarters within 30 days of signing into post will have an eligibility date of the day they signed out of their last permanent duty station. After 30 days, the eligibility date will be the date of application.

Fort Campbell Housing Services will assistance in obtaining off post housing. Phone 270-798-3808

Single Service Members E1-E5 without dependents reside on post in UPH.

Service Members who are geographically separated from their families are not authorized to live in the single Service Members' UPH. Single Service Members E6 and above are required to live off post.

There are no Senior Enlisted Quarters (SEQ) or Officer Quarters housing units on post.

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