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Fort Bliss, Texas


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Medical Care
Fort Bliss, Texas

William Beaumont Army Medical Center at Fort Bliss, Texas.

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Thirteen private hospitals, one public hospital and one military hospital provide more that 2,300 beds for use by the Fort Bliss community. There are two designated trauma centers in the city.

Medical care for military personnel and family members is primarily met at William Beaumont Army Medical Center. Named after an Army physician who served during the war of 1812, the present 12-story medical center building provides a total of 364 beds. Built on property of over one-half million square feet, the hospital houses many departments and clinics which provide a full range of treatment and training capabilities.

In addition to the Medical Center, health care is provided at the Soldier Family Medical Clinic and at various Dental Clinics.

The William Beaumont mission also includes operation of the Army's first Residential Treatment Facility for substance and alcohol abuse and a regional trauma unit. Other activities include medical clinical investigations, preventive medicine, and mental health. Additionally, a full service Veterans Affairs Hospital is adjacent to the main hospital complex.

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