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Fort Bliss, Texas


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Child Care
Child Development Services (CDS) provides many child care services at two Child Development Centers (CDC):

CDC East (bldg 1730), located behind the Fort Bliss Commissary; and the new CDC (bldg 3500), located within the Logan Heights housing area.

Weekly Care: Care for children 6 weeks-6 years (includes kindergarten children) on a regular basis Monday through Friday is provided at both CDS East and CDS West. There is a long waiting list for infants. The weekly program is for families requiring care because of needing child care for employment/school.

Hourly Care: Care for children 6 weeks to 12 years on an irregular, hourly basis is provided at CDS East. Preschool: Preschool/kindergarten classes for children 3 to 5 years of age are provided during the school year (Sep through May).

School age Care: Regular, weekly care for school age children first grade and older is provided before and after school, during school breaks and during summer vacation. Planned activities such as fun at Kelly Park and sports are available after school. Transportation is provided to Travis, Bliss, Logan, Miliam, Hughey, Ross, and Assumption Schools.

Family Child Care: Quarters-based Family Child Care FCC) services within certified homes offers a family atmosphere with fewer children, flexible hours and the ability of meeting special needs. Extended hour homes provide child care for parents needing routine evening child care, who work unusual or long hours, or have mission related child care needs that require child care service up to or in excess of 24 hours. This service meets the needs of dual and single service members needing child care at times the Center is not open.

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