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Fort Bliss, Texas


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Fort Bliss, Texas

E-4 through E-6 standard on-base family housing at Fort Bliss, Texas.

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GMH Military Housing has partnered with Fort Bliss for the purpose of improving the military family housing community. GMH Military Housing is responsible for the development, construction, renovations, maintenance and management of family housing at Fort Bliss.

If you move into GMH family housing you will need to sign a lease with GMH. This may require payment of pro-rated rent for the current month.

Fort Bliss has 3092 on-base family housing units:

E1-E3: 406 units
E4-E6: 1608 units
E7-E9: 300 units
USASMA (Aero Vista): 329 units
Co. Grade Officers: 274 units
Field Grade Officers: 102 units
Sr. Grade Officers: 33 units

The Community Home Finding, Relocation and Referral Services (CHRRS) Office must be contacted before any off-post housing arrangements, other than temporary overnight accommodations, are made.

Permanent accommodations are available for single personnel on a PCS status, including E-7 and above. Bachelor Officer and Enlisted quarters are limited, with priority given to unaccompanied bona fide bachelors. UPH office provides Basic Housing Allowance (BHA) entitlement assistance to all unaccompanied personnel.

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