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Fort Bliss, Texas


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Population/Major Units Assigned
Fort Bliss, Texas

202nd Air Defence Artillery attends Live Fire exercise at Ft. Bliss in 2003.

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Population: Fort Bliss is a diverse community made up of soldiers, family members, students, employees and retirees. The Fort Bliss area is home to 20,637 military personnel and 31,714 retirees. In addition, Fort Bliss supports 66,765 family members of active duty and retired personnel. Fort Bliss employs 7,206 civilians.

Major Units Assigned:

1st Armored Div - Evaluation Brigade Combat Team
1st Bn (TS)(ADA) 362nd Regiment
4-1 CAV
6th Brigade
11th Brigade
31st Brigade
31st Combat Support Hospital
32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Cmd
387th CRC BN
62nd Army Band
741st Ordnance Company (EOD)
76th Military Police Battalion
108th Brigade
204th Military Intelligence Battalion (Aerial Reconnaissance)
5035th Garrison Support Unit
USA CAS Battalion

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