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Fort Bliss, Texas


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Fort Bliss Security
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The U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery Center and Fort Bliss, Texas, is currently the Army's center for the education and training of Air Defense Artillery soldiers and units. It also hosts the Army's Sergeants Major Academy. The post has 1.1 million acres of land from the western tip of Texas north into New Mexico. The headquarters and cantonment are located in El Paso,Texas.

Fort Bliss was established in 1848 to support settlers and act as a liaison to the Native American population and the Mexican government, making it one of the oldest Army posts. After closing and relocating the post, the Army officially renamed the post Fort Bliss in 1854, in honor of Lieutenant Colonel William Wallace Smith Bliss, an Army assistant adjutant general during the Mexican War.

Currently, Fort Bliss is in the process of the largest transformation in its history. $5 billion has been invested for construction of new top-of-the-line facilities for personnel and their families. Construction of new training ranges, offices, barracks and housing has begun. Services such as child care and youth programs, on-post shopping and entertainment facilities, medical and dental clinics are all being expanded to meet the needs of our growing community.

Mission- Team Bliss trains, sustains, mobilizes, and deploys members of the joint team to conduct global, full spectrum operations in support of the national military strategy, while providing for the well-being of the regional military community units of the 32d Army Air and Missile Defense Command, 11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, the 108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade, the 108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, 4-1 Cavalry, the 204th MI Battalion, and the 978th Military Police Company.

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