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Fort Benning, Georgia


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Location/Driving Directions
Fort Benning, Georgia

Fort Benning is located in SW Georgia, in what is fondly called the Tri-Community. This consists of Fort Benning; Columbus, Georgia and Phenix City, Alabama. Alabama's capital, Montgomery, and Georgia's capital, Atlanta are both only an hour and a half away. Fort Benning is also only a few hours' drive from Florida's Gulf shores and the mountains of North Georgia.

From Hartsfield International, take ramp (left) onto I-285/Atlanta Airport/Montgomery
At Exit 61, turn Right onto Ramp towards I-85/Atlanta/Montgomery
Take ramp left onto I-85 towards I-85/Columbus/Montgomery
At exit 21 take ramp (right) onto I-185 towards I-185 Columbus

Fort Benning is directly at the end of I-185 South.

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