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Fort Belvoir, Virginia


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Main Phone Numbers
Fort Belvoir, Virginia

Members of the 1st Virginia Regiment, Sykes' Regulars, and Fort Belvoir, Va., Headquarters Battalion post the colors

Photo courtesy U.S. Army; Photo Credit: Julia LeDoux
Base Operator: 703-545-6700
Information Hotline: 703-805-3030
Army Community Services: 703-805-4590
Relocation Readiness Counselor: 703-805-5058/4590
Temporary Lodging: 703-704-8600
Child Care: 703-806-4347
Clinic: 703-805-0612
Housing: 703-454-9700
Military Pay: 703-805-2598/2501
Retirement Services: 703-805-2675
Taxi: 703-781-7040
Vehcile Registration: 703-806-4891
Youth Services: 703-805-4515

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